Launchers Part 3 – Mainstream Android launchers with large print

The quick recommendation: Lightning has more flexibility than Big Launcher, but not everything is large print.

The longer answer:

There are several launchers which were designed as lightweight, mainstream launchers, which just happen to have some large print features worth looking at.

Lightning Launcher (Free, several free and paid add ons).


Lightning was designed primarily as a lightweight launcher to work on any phone.  It doesn’t have large print contacts or features like Big Launcher, (we can use other apps for this which I’ll cover in a future post) but you can zoom in on the home screen and you can set the all apps list to be a list with print as large as you like.  The launcher works with Talkback, although when you’ve zoomed in, Talkback still finds icons in their original position (ie, in the top left quarter of the screen).  Text in the setup menus for Lightning are 12pt and it can take a bit of extra tweaking compared to say EqualEyes.  It does offer a lot of customisation and access to the full range of widgets.

I used Big Launcher on my 4” phone; however on the Note II with its 5.5” screen, I’ve been trying Lightning with 3 x 4 icons, which also gives me full size widgets.  Default setup is one massive ‘page’ you can add as many icons you like in any direction, zoom in manually and scroll either in one or both directions.  I have setup pages of 3×4 icons which take up full screen automatically.  To do that:

  1. Tap the phone’s “Menu” button and choose “Customise Lightning”.
  2. In “Current Screen”:
    1. Under “Layout” set “Grid Columns” and “Grid Rows” both to fixed size, set Columns to size 150 and rows to size 190
    2. Under “Zooming and Scrolling” ensure that “Enable pinch zoom” is checked.
    3. Under “Items”, set font size to 20pt (or whatever size you like).
    4. In “General”, “Events and Actions”, set something (I use Double tap on empty space) to “Zoom full scale”.
    5. Use the “Widget Options” of the “LL Widget” screen switcher widgets to add multiple pages.
    6. Setup your screen(s) with no more than 3 x 4 icons and double tap on a blank space to zoom in to maximise them.  You could set the screen to 2 x 3 or even any other number but you might need to tweak the column and row size values from my suggestions above to fit).

LightLaunch (Free).


LightLaunch is another lightweight launcher.  It gives you a simple grid of all your apps which you can scroll up and down through.  You can set it up fairly easily to 2 column, 3 row, 200% size icons.  Like Lightning, it doesn’t provide a replacement dialer etc, so a 3rd party large print replacement would be needed.  I couldn’t quite figure out the app sorting order, but you can hide apps from the list which is useful.  Font can be set up to 14pt and icons are up to 27mm high.  Having large, scrolling icons is nice though lack of sorting is frustrating.


Lightning is a good option if you would like a grid size other than 2 x 5 and bigger widgets, but not everything is large print like it is in Big Launcher.

If you’ve found any other launcher options, please let me know.


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