Android Font enlargement apps.

(Update: I’ve fixed the links below which were originally not working, sorry about that!)

The quick recommendation: Big Font (paid version) or Font Size Setter are the biggest.

The longer answer:

Android 4.0 and later have the option to adjust the system font size (Look in Settings, Accessibility, Font Size).  The largest setting the operating system provides is “Huge” which is about 120% of normal. There are a number of apps on the play store which provide even more size adjustment and also provide the option for devices running earlier versions of Android.  Unfortunately from Android 4.2 apps are not able to adjust the system font unless the phone is rooted.  That is very unfortunate for low vision users particularly as 4.2 is the first version of Android to include a screen magnifier.

The system font isn’t used in every app, but being able to adjust it can provide a significant increase in font size where it is used.

For the following comparisons I’ve used my Galaxy Note II (5.5” screen), and I chose the Play Store since it is one app that’s hard to avoid and hard to replace with a 3rd party app (though I’ll happily take suggestions if you’ve found a replacement!):

First for a benchmark, the default view (at Normal font size):

Title of apps: 12pt

Text in the description: 8pt

If we use the built in accessibility options to set the font to “Huge” which is I think about 30% bigger than “Normal”:

Titles are now: 16pt

Text is now: 10pt

Next let’s look at the apps I found to increase font size.  They all have different options and ways of setting the font.  Some of the apps allow you to change the font itself (so you could use Comic Sans MS or Calligraphy if you like).  For our comparison I’ve only looked at font size, and taken the largest size available for the default font:

Big Font (change font size) by Sam Lu (Cost: $3.99 in app purchase, otherwise free with ads)

Title 16pt

Text 10pt

Android 2.3.3+

The free version allows up to “130%”.  The pro version allows up to 300% which would be Title: 36pt / Text: 24pt)

Font size setter by Cedric Gatay (Cost: $1.86 or free with ads)

Title: 22pt / Text: 16pt

Requires: Android 4.0 – 4.1

Big Font Pro by Fonts for Flipfont (Cost: Free with ads)

Title: 22pt / Text: 16pt

Requires: Android 2.2+

FontEditor-Change Font Size by diyun (Cost: $1.86 or free with ads)

Title: 20pt / Text: 14pt

Requires: Android 2.1+

iFont(Fonts For Android) by diyun (Cost: $1.26 or free with ads)

Title: 20pt / Text: 14pt

Requires: Android 2.1+

MyFont (Fonts for Android) by My Font (Cost: Free with ads)

Title: 18pt / Text: 12pt

Requires: Android 2.2+

FontUp by Chislon Chow (Cost: Completely free)

Title: 17pt / Text: 11pt

Requires: Android 4.0+

So the biggest option is likely Sam Lu’s Big Font if you buy the full version then Font Size Setter which still doubles the original size of the text (allowing for a margin of error in my measuring!)

I didn’t look at apps like Font size editor which require root.

Summary: If you have a device running Android 4.1 or earlier these apps are definitely worth looking at.  Note that if you have (or get) 4.2 or later they won’t work without rooting your phone.


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