Review of Android Calculators.

The quick recommendation: DarkCalc and Cyanogenmod both have the option of a basic or scientific calculator view with large text and which are Talkback accessible.


The longer answer:

A calculator is one tool which is quite handy to have and which everyone has their own ideas on what they need from one.  Most devices come with a calculator app but some are better than others for large print and Talkback accessibility so I’ve rounded up all the ones I could easily find on the Play Store which don’t need Internet access and put them through their paces.  I’ve put together a table of the main accessibility features of each sorted by (smallest) font size, and then listed each of the apps.

Name Talkback works Smallest font Functions
DarkCalc (Popup & Normal Calc) Yes


Calculator No


Calculator (CyanogenMod) Yes


Simple Calc No


Calculator Widget Yes


Calculator Free Yes


Easy Calculator Yes


Simple Calculator Yes


Calc and Graph No


MyScript Calculator No


Easy Calculator Pro No


RealCalc No


AirCalc Yes


Calculator and Widget (21 Themes) Yes


My Basic Calc Yes


Scientific Calculator No


MagicCalc Lite, Graphic Calc No


Mobi Calculator FREE No




DarkCalc (Popup & Normal Calc) by DARKPAIN (Free)


Two screenshots: Left showing initial view.  Right showing scientific screen.

Buttons 60pt.  Basic with scientific functions and history.

Works with Talkback


Calculator by LEVIDENSIS SOFT (Free)


Buttons and result, 26pt, buttons brightly coloured.  Very basic function calculator, no history or memory.

Buttons read with Talkback but do not work.  Dev email bounces.


Calculator (CyanogenMod) by Xlythe ($1.86 or free demo)


Two screenshots, Left: basic view, Right: Swiping to the right brings up scientific options

Numbers 28pt, result 26pt, functions 22pt.  Black or white colour themes.  Basic and Scientific calculator with graphing, history and simple layout view.  No “memory” buttons but can reuse history results.

Graph and a couple of buttons unlabelled but pretty much everything reads well with Talkback.  Widget and colour themes.


Simple Calc by Softhouse Co.,LTD. (Free)


Numbers and result 22pt.  Basic calculator, buttons black on grey with white or black background.  Does not work with Talkback (Numbers read, but pressing numbers appears to activate the “Del” button).


Calculator Widget by ABGNE.TW ($1.03 with free trial)


Buttons 18pt, result 28pt.  Basic calculator (widget only) with memory.

Works with Talkback although bottom row with 0 . and = buttons not visible on my Galaxy Note II.


Calculator Free by STORMIN DORMAN PRODUCTIONS ($0.99 or Free demo)


Numbers 20pt, functions 18pt, result 48pt, current calculation 16pt.

Basic calculator with memory, works with Talkback, buttons have 3D effect, which I find a little harder to see.


Easy Calculator by ANDREI KULIK (Free)


Buttons 24pt, Result 20pt, current calculation 16pt.

Buttons coloured black on Green / Blue / Orange and hard to see.  Result updates as you input (eg if you enter 20 + when you press 1 the result will show 21 immediately, if you then enter 4 it becomes 20 + 14 and the result changes to 34

Works with Talkback.


Simple Calculator by TECNOTOPIA (Free)


Numbers 20pt, functions and results 16pt, some scientific functions.  Buttons are white on colours (grey for numbers, blue for functions, red for clear / del, green for memory and purple for advanced functions).

Works with Talkback.  Function buttons visually appear to stick down when pressed but behave as expected.


Calc and Graph by BURLINE SOFT (Free)


Numbers, operators and results, 16pt, function keys 11pt, alt functions 8 pt.  Scientific calculator with graphing and memory

Graph has zoom buttons.

Buttons read with Talkback, however results and Graph not readable with Talkback.


MyScript Calculator (Appears in app list simply as calculator) by Vision Objects (Free)


Two screenshots showing Left: My very poorly hand drawn calculation and Right, the correctly interpreted numbers and symbol.

Font size for writing starts at about 48pt but decreases in size as calculation gets longer. Scientific calculator, Handwrite numbers, operators etc on screen instead of buttons.  Seems to do a good job recognising input.  Does not work with Talkback.


Easy Calculator Pro by MOBILESOFTJUNGLE (Free)


Numbers 28pt, Result 60pt, current calc 14pt

Basic or scientific calculator with memory and history.  Does not work with Talkback.


RealCalc by Quartic Software ($2.99 or Free trial)


Numbers and Results 24pt, Functions 14pt, Alt functions 12pt

Buttons are white on dark grey, alt functions yellow on dark grey, results black on LCD style green.  I do like that it can convert lengths / weight / speeds / all kinds of things.

Does not work with Talkback.


AirCalc On-Screen Calculator by MBFG (Free)


Numbers 18pt, copy, paste etc buttons and results, 10pt.  Scientific calculator

Appears over the top of other apps, only takes up a small amount of my screen and partly transparent so hard to see.  Works with Talkback only by explore by touch, no swiping, image buttons unlabelled though numbers, operators and results read automatically.  I actually never found the scientific features until I lookied on the play store for an image to use above!


Calculator and Widget (21 Themes) by SMALLDARCHER ($1.37 or free demo)


Buttons and results 24pt, history 10pt.

Basic calculator with memory, works with Talkback. Widget and colour themes.


My Basic Calc by VOIDFLINGER ($0.99 or free trial)


Buttons and result 22pt, current result / formula, 10pt. Basic calculator with no extra functions, works with Talkback.  Actually a good basic option, only dropped in the list because of the small font for showing the current formula.


Scientific Calculator (Appears as Trinimon Calculator in App list) by André Heuner (Free)


Numbers 20pt, functions 10 pt, results 26pt.

Scientific calculator, does not work with Talkback.


MagicCalc Lite, Graphic Calc by HOUCINE ROMDHANE ($1.06 or free trial)


Numbers 16pt, functions and screen 8pt.  Scientific calculator, does not work with Talkback.


Mobi Calculator FREE by IP ($3.00 or free trial)


Buttons 24pt, result 16pt, alternate button functions 8pt

Basic or Scientific calculator with history and memory.  Buttons do not work with Talkback, though results and history do read.


There are a range of basic and scientific calculators available with large fonts and I quite like how in several such as Cyangenmod and DarkCalc you are initially presented with a basic view, but can swipe to the side to bring up extra optons which gives access to all the features without cluttering up the screen.


2 thoughts on “Review of Android Calculators.

    • The ability to adjust colours looks good, though I must say, looking at the permissions, I wouldn’t use a calculator which needed access to my accounts – there is no need for that. I also think the desire for permission to connect to the Internet is well overused and again something a calculator doesn’t need, unless perhaps it lets you calculate conversion from one unit to another where that changes (eg currency). Thanks for sharing!

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