Links to other resources

Here are some links to other Android accessibility resources I’ve come across which you might be interested in (and I present them in no real order!):

Inclusive Android has collated a lot of information, tips, audio tutorials and lists of accessible apps:

A list of Talkback gestures:

List of Talkback gestures on Apps for Android

Other blogs:

Jeffrey Stark has a great blog with lots of interesting information about Android from a blind user’s perspective: Jeffrey’s Soapbox

The Accessible Android blog:
Accessible Android

The Eyes Free Android blog. This was a google project, now dormant:
Eyes Free Android blog

Tamas Greczy wrote “AN objective look: iOS vs. Android for the visually impaired”
Part 1
Part 2

Marco works for Firefox and his Accessibility Blog has lots of information about accessibility not just on Android but in general as well. The post I’ve linked to here is his experience of trying Android full time (as a seasoned iPhone user) – This post is quite critical of Android (don’t say I don’t link to both sides of the argument!) but has many interesting points: Marco’s Accessibility Blog


That Android Show is one of the most popular podcasts:
That Android show

Android from an Accessible Point of View Android from an accessible point of view

Blind Podcaster has links to podcasts, blogs and other pages, related to Android and other topics:
Blind Podcaster

Mailing lists:

VI-Android mailing list for anything to do with Android access for vision impaired, whether using large print, magnification or speech. Quite new and averages less than 10 posts per day.
To join, send a message to with ‘subscribe’ in the Subject field

Eyes Free Mailing list:
Initially it was setup for the Eyes Free project which was developing speech accessible apps for Android, but now has become a discussion list for anything to do with speech on Android. Very popular and averages up to 100 posts a day.!forum/eyes-free

Other pages:

A Collection of Accessible Apps for Your Android Device
Accessible app recommendations by AFB

Android Access: Accessible Android apps and news for the Blind and Visually Impaired Accessible Android

Some great accessible apps:

22 Point’s first app, RapiTap is available now and heaps of fun for everyone:
Check out the lite version here:

Woodside Apps make a number of fantastic games and utilities which are definitely worth checking out:

Know of other resources which would fit here? Please, let me know in the comments!


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