Large Print Setup

This setup is aimed at someone who reads large print (around 18pt equivalent), and would like a selection of apps which work with large print, rather than needing to use the magnifier or speech.

– I would go for the largest screen size (eg Galaxy Note range), as the bigger the screen, the more you can see on the screen at once at a given font size, and where you find you do need to use the magnifier (there are some things you can’t get in large print), the lower you can have it set to.
– A larger phone like the Galaxy Note series can feel more cumbersome to hold and use (particularly compared to say smaller phones which you may find you can comfortably use one handed), and may not fit in every pocket, however I personally found the trade off to be worth it in getting the bigger phone.


Default launcher vs big launcher Lightning Launcher - Screenshot_2013-06-18-22-13-07
(Left to right, default Samsung interface, Big Launcher, Lightning Launcher)

Big Launcher:
or Lightning Launcher:

– Big Launcher is the most large print friendly out of the box and comes with contacts / SMS / etc in large print.
– Lightning Launcher takes some work to setup (See my launcher comparison page here: for some tips), but does give access to the full range of widgets and more layout options than Big Launcher. Some of its menus and settings are still in very small print though.


Big DialerBig Telephone Directory
(BigDialer and Big Telephone Directory)

or Big Telephone Directory:

– Big Launcher has a good dialer / contacts section built in if you use that launcher.
– Big Dialer is very customisable, however directs you to your default contacts app to look up people.
– Big Telephone Directory can be set to very large print, however has a couple of buttons labelled in Chinese.


Big Text SMSHandcent SMS
(Big Text SMS and Handcent SMS)

Big Text SMS:
or Handcent SMS:

– Big Launcher includes a built in SMS app if you use that launcher.


(Aqua Mail and Profimail Go)

Aqua Mail:
or Profimail Go:

– Aqua Mail has the largest text in high contrast (default is 12 but can zoom in).
– Profimail has the biggest text overall (20 point) but only displays in black on white

Web browser:


– Chrome displays default text quite large and does reflow text (some other browsers have a larger text option which simply zooms in but does not reflow necesitating moving left to right as well as up and down to read.
– Some built in web browsers may display some pages better than CHrome
– If you use a particular page a lot, it can be worth checking if there is a specific app for that site (eg wikipedia, ebay, your favourite news source etc). Often the official app for a site is not as customisable as Chrome.

Social media: Facebook:

Use preferred browser (see previous item)

– At the current time, the official facebook app does not offer a large font option and the default text is quite small.

Social media: Twitter:


– The free version of Tweetcaster allows up to 200% font size, the full paid version allows up to 500%.


Magnifier (Magnifying Glass) by Person:

– There are a few different magnifying apps, see: – Magnifying Glass by Person is my preferred option though there are a few good options depending on your exact needs.


Wallet calendar:
Calendar++ Dark:

– Use Wallet Calendar for an overview of the current or future months (set it to only display one month view as other modes are quite small).
– Use Calendar++ Dark for high contrast. Set it to Agenda mode which gives a large print list of your events.

Note taking / shopping list app:

Lemo Memo:
or ColourNote Notepad Notes Todo:

– Lemo Memo displays in high contrast where Colournote displays in black text on a coloured background.
– ColourNote has only the one “note” mode where Lemo Memo offers either a note or a list when you press the new button.

General info logging:

Tap Log:
Habit Streak:

Reading ebooks:

Moon Reader:




KJV Bible:
Taizé Readings:

– KJV Bible is a bible you can read specific or random verses.
– Taizé Readings is an app to show the gospel reading for the current (or chosen) day.

Are there any apps / categories I have missed (I know there are, but tried to only include categories where I could recommend something which does large print). Please let me know in the comments below!

Otherwise, return to Sample phone setup options


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